It’s a pleasure to see you visiting our website.

You’re currently reading the about us page. I am not quite sure what you are looking for in this part of the website as most sites have various uses for the about us page. I’m going to use this page to inform you a little bit more about me and why I put this website together.

For me it’s all about passion. I always have an interest in discussing various subjects that are very dear to me and you can even ask anybody who knows me personally and they’re going to agree with this.

Among the subjects that I love to discuss are related to anything and everything about ‘techy things’, especially computers. My connection with computers started in the time of the Commodore 64.

Many of you will surely say that I’m already too old for my looks, but it’ll not change the undeniable fact that my experience with computers could only be compared to a few folks.

The world of coding and programming was actually opened to me because of the Commodore 67 and I’m using an old tape cassette recorder as my memory. I know some of you may not know about this, but these tape cassette recorders used to be an incredible storage device during that time.

There after, I made the choice to be an avid self-taught coder and learned a lot of new programming languages including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and they are all mastered to the best of my ability.

I’ve been using Windows for a long time as it allows me to tweak and tinker whatever I want. As for Apple, they’ve always kept things too close to the chest so it was quite challenging. It is always a pleasure to help folks, particularly those who want to master coding and programming. In the modern world, the computer has become a necessity and not only a type of thing that is reserved for geeks to play with.

My parents, both in their 70’s, are fantastic examples of how we all now accept this new technology. From looking for answers to questions, to video and photo editing and obviously emails and social media to stay in touch, they impressed me with how they have taken computer technology in their stride.

At the other end of the age spectrum, my son who is now 10 years old has been totally comfortable accessing computer technology for the last three or four years. Fundamentally, you could state that it’s second nature to use his phone, tablet and notebook to do his homework, play games and watch videos.

I guess at this time, you already get the whole picture. I’m totally fascinated with computer technology and the other linked topics.

Well, many of you are most likely wondering why I need to say all these things.

This blog is designed to help spread my passion to as many other individuals as I could reach. If I can help other individuals find the excitement and fascination that I found in the world of computers, I’ll consider my time on this blog wisely spent.

So as well as spreading the word I am also here to help. If you need a lot of info about computer-related subjects, you should inform me more regarding this. You can send an email to me or you could always leave a comment on the blog posts because I always read them.